Sunday, December 20, 2009


...Filling in a new calendar! Sad I know!

I make a night of it and grab a glass of wine, some decent pens and last years Calendar and set about noting all the new plans for the new year ahead.

I never buy a new Calendar before Christmas as they are ALWAYS discounted in the New Year. However, this year I received one as a gift! And yes I have already opened it because it was a Kris Kringle that was given to me by a friend at our Annual Girls Lunch that a group of friends of mine have every year! Not only is it a new calendar but it is a calendar from my favourite stationary shop Kikki.K.

She also got me these great stickers that fit on it! Isn't it great? It is a great big family calendar so I can fit every possible appointment, birthday & social event in!
There is nothing like a blank Calendar to make you think about all what's new and possible in the new year. And also reflect on the year just gone. Some might think it a chore but I look forward to it every year!


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