Monday, December 21, 2009


You wake up in a pool of sweat with the covers on the floor and realise that maybe you didn't need your PJ's on last night and you should have put the air conditioning on.

You go into the kids and they too are in a pool of sweat but you refuse to do washing on today of all days. Hubby just shrugs it off and knows not to say the dreaded words of "...Hot? This isn't hot...where I work it gets to a zillion degrees blah blah blah..."

You switch the air con on and turn the news on the TV. Great! Cyclone season. You just know that you are going to get the tail end of it and by the end of today there could be thunder and rain as well as the stinky humidity. If only you had forsaken a decent kitchen for a pool....

Never mind, it's a special day. Breathe, Breathe.

The kids are crazy all morning and you look forward to going out with the family to lunch at the posh resort. So soon enough after breakfast and craziness you put the baby down for his morning sleep and set the 4 year old up with his toy/book/Wii game of choice and head for a nice relaxing shower.

Well it would be relaxing if the 4 year didn't keep coming in ever 5 seconds!

You pull out the outfit you want to wear and realise that you will melt the minute you leave the house in it and you should have realised the weather fairy was on holidays too and wasn't going to make any last minute changes!

You also have to blow dry your hair. Because what you need on a stinking hot humid day is to blow more hot air at yourself! So you do it standing in your underwear and keep turning it off to go stand under the air con vent to cool off. Your face is so red that you look like you have already been out in the sun! You get dressed just in the nick of time and immediately sweat.

You turn the air con up.

The make up is melting off your face. Oh joy!

The 4 year old wants to wear his new outfit which is actually too big because you wanted him to get more wear out of it and the baby has thrown up on his. Oh joy!

So off you go to lunch at the resort where you paid $45 for the 4 year old to have a bread roll and an orange juice! The baby throws up again...this time on you.

It is still hot!!

And it's then that you think to yourself, how lucky am I that I am here with my family, we are having lovely food and it's Christmas day but oh! How I could do with a dob of snow right now!!!

Yes my bloggy friends, Christmas here in Perth will be a balmy 36 degrees C!! Not a snowman or icicle in sight. And for the first time in the 24 years I have lived in this beautiful and wonderful country I am longing for the white Christmas of my childhood.

Maybe it's because I now have kids and Grotbag & Bugalugs will never experience Christmas how it is portrayed in books. All snow and sleighs and snowmen. That is unless we take them back to the UK for Christmas one year. And I know the reality of snow and ice (car's stuck, falling over, slush etc) but in my fantasy it's all lovely and white and fluffy.

And despite my little EXAGGERATED story above (my Christmas day will not be like that at all...hopefully). I do love Christmas here and do like the fact that I can wear a nice little dress without having to be rugged up. That it is very unlikely I will have a cold at Christmas and that we get to go to the beach over the holidays.

But just this year...I am jealous of the snow! I think after 24 years I am allowed this one year!

So all my readers out there who are experiencing snow, tell me what it is you LOVE about the snow and the cold at Christmas and feed my fantasy!!


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