Friday, February 26, 2010

My 100th Post!!!

Wow! 100 Posts!

I didn't realise till I went to write this post.

Sorry its not more exciting - I feel I should have provided some party food and punch for you all!

Thanks to all who read, follow, lurk, support, comment and spread good bloogy love!

Kisses Mmmwwwaaahhh!!

Anyhoo...haven't been around much as I have been really sorting my house out, listing most of what I own on Ebay, and focusing on a bit of a family plan for the next year.

Not much time left for blogging or reading blogs which makes me sad but it won't be for long!

So I was flicking through my lastest copy of Australian OK Magazine when I saw this print ad which made me really giggle. It's hard these days to find something original and simple. So of course I thought I would share with all my bloggy friends

Palmolive Ad

I would love to have been in the meeting where they came up with it!!

BTW - I get nothing for showing you this, I thought it was funny which is why I am sharing, however if someone from Palmolive wants to send me a box let me know!!!

Toodles until the 101!


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