Thursday, August 12, 2010

And So We Meet Again….

I am a big believer in fate. I believe everything happens for a reason, whether it be good or bad but there is a lesson always to be learned. I also believe that we meet people in our lives, again, good or bad, and that these people will add something, teach us something and leave their mark. I believe that meeting my Hubby was caused by fate.

No don’t worry I am not about to talk about an ex-boyfriend, although I certainly learnt PLENTY of lessons about what I don’t want from many of them!!

But a funny thing happened today that got me thinking about this whole fate thing and people you are meant to meet for whatever reason.

When I was near the end of my pregnancy with Bugalugs I was in my Ob/Gyn office waiting for an appointment. As usual she was running behind to an emergency or birth but as was the case with all of us there we didn’t mind. We knew that it could be our emergency/birth at any time!

So being the socialable lass that I am, I started chatting the woman next to me. She was due earlier than me and we made small talk until we each had our appointments. I thought nothing more of it. I often talk to people in line or in waiting rooms (it’s the only child “have to make friends” thing I think!)

Then my little Bugalugs came along (5 weeks early!!) and 2 days later I was wandering into the hospital nursery to get Bugs weighed and who should be there but the woman I saw in the waiting room in my Ob/Gyn’s Office bathing her new little baby boy. We cooed over each other’s babies, hers was born the day after Bugs and we said our good lucks and goodbyes.

However, after that I then saw her again when I took Bugs (2 months old) to be immunized at the local clinic. Not unusual in itself as they were born a day apart so their immunisations would be needed at the same time but slightly unusual as not everyone uses the clinic, some use their own family Doctors. My memory gets a bit fuzzy but we did bump into each other at another one and then when the boys were 12 months and we bumped into each other yet again at the clinic, we realized we really needed to catch up properly for a coffee to chat. I believe we both thought there was a reason for bumping into each other all the time. We swapped number and became Facebook friends (as you do!) and vowed to catch up.

But as usual, life got in the way. We had each made attempts at a catch up and then had to cancel for one reason or another. You could tell by our Facebook pages (sign of the times!) we were both busy with our families and busy socially with our friends. And at our age your friendship groups are pretty well formed. It’s hard to catch up with people you have known for years let alone someone you just keep bumping into. So I think we both just kind of gave up but amazingly neither of us ‘culled’ each other on Facebook so the channel was always open.

So today I took Bugs for his 18 month Chickenpox Vaccination. And who should I bump into…yes you guessed it. Again not unusual because we both attend the same Immunisation Clinic BUT Bugs was supposed to have his LAST week but he caught a virus so I had to cancel. This was the only time I could reschedule.

Spooky huh!

But also, this time something amazing happened.

When her little boy and bugs saw each other, their eyes lit up, they babbled loudly to each other (If I could speak toddler it sounded like “Hi, how are you great to see you!!) and then they gave each other a MASSIVE hug!

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

It was amazing.

It was like they had known each other socially FOREVER. Him Mum and I just looked at each other bewildered. Wow, we both said at the same time, this is surreal! Her little boy then had some food and started sharing it with Bugs like they had done it a million times before.

Again we looked at each other and said that obviously the boys need to have a playdate and picked a day we would both be free. I believe THIS could be the reason we keep bumping into each other. I think that our boys are supposed to meet and become friends. Either that or his Mum and I are supposed to meet for that long awaited catch up the boys are making that apparent and easy for us.

Think about it, Bugs could have easily gone up to him and bopped him on the head or ignored him and played with the toys. And her Son could have done the same thing. I have never seen him do that to anyone else he hasn’t known for a while, he is usually more cautious. It really was amazing! And the fact that had Bugs not been unwell last week, I never would have bumped into her yet again.

So it has made me more determined now to make sure that they have a little play date and his Mum and I get to have a proper chat (longer than 5 minutes!) and see where this new friendship goes.

Do you believe in FATE?
Have you had anything like this happen to you?
Has the universe kept throwing you into situations until you did something about it?
Let me know in the comments I would love to hear your stories!


ScoMan said...

I was going to type something last night but I forget what it was now. It might have just been about this post making me teary. That's why I don't want to read it again, because my eyes got all teared up and I couldn't see properly.

So Now What? said...

I believe in the same. I also think sometimes we recognise one of our "tribe". But you are so right, we have friends pretty firmly in place by the age and it's hard to make enough time to see the ones we want to, let alone starting up new relationships. Therefore, neither party wants to commit, but you've got all the signs, hope you have a great play date. Bern x

Anonymous said...


Just a girl said...

i have my on and off days in regards to believing in fate
quiet recently fate has decided to take a dramatic turn in my life, so he better have a plan to back it up

Billy said...

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Anonymous said...

That is strange that you kept running into the same woman over and over. There is always a reason that things happen. I think that this is an awesome thing and that you should see where this friendship goes.

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Rhea Mae Escalera said...

Wow that's very cute maybe your babies communicate too while you're chatting your friend :D I believe in fate to :) Thank you for sharing your stories i love this :) Keep Blogging


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