Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Birthdays and an Anniversary!!!

I'm very excited as when I looked at my Calendar today I realised that:

1. It's my Birthday soon (bleaughhhhh!)
2. But before that - its my BLOGIVERSARY!!!! My blog is turning 1!!!

Who'd of thought it??? Apart from my short intro post, DISCO FEVER was my first proper post and is still one of my favourites. Grotbag has got his school disco coming up again in a couple of weeks and it was really great to read back about the night! One of the reasons I love blogging!

Anyhoo...I realised that I took my blogiday (or blogcation for those over the pond) just after I had written my four part IVF story, just before Bugalugs had his first birthday.


So I am showing it off now. Oh and those who read, who actually know me, stifle a yawn (as you already saw it on Facebook) and instead gape in awe at my awesomeness...or the cake!

Yes I did the Hungry Caterpillar. I was pretty impressed with it myself and it literally went like hot cakes or cupcakes . Would love to say that it was my wonderful imagination that produced it but I was inspired by one of my favourite blogs Coco Cake Cupcakes. Her version is HERE and a million times better....but she is a professional after all!! And seriously you should take a look at her cakes OMG!!! If I only lived in Vancouver!!!

But also while you were missing me, Grotbag turned the big 5! He wanted an Omnitrix cake! As in Ben 10 Omnitrix watch thingy that turns him into an alien! WHAT? Who did he think I was?

He also only wanted a boys only party where they all had to dress in their favourite costumes and I had a face painter come too! And this is what the cake turned out like...

I had no cake to copy for this one, I tried looking for something but they all looked like they had been made by master craftsmen so I winged it and just used one of Grotbags Omnitrix watches to go off. Yes the black is all licorice as I couldn't find black icing but I think it does the trick. All the kids loved it and it went VERY quickly! I'm awesome (according to Grotbag and really that's all that matters!!!)

So, wonder what cake Hubby will make for me.....HA! No seriously........

So for my Blogiversary I thought I would do a post on YOUR favourite posts that I have written. Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page! I have my favourites but it's YOUR favourites that you have loved reading of mine that I want to hear about so please let me know! I will compile them in my Blogiversary post and if your a blog writer yourself give you a free plug too! So what you waiting for - get reading!!!!


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