Friday, June 19, 2009

Disco Fever

I don't know who was more excited about Master 4's first school disco - him or me. I remember my school discos plus the odd blue light disco. Crimping my hair (yes it was in the 80's!) choosing which ra-ra-skirt and thick elastic belt I was going to wear. OMG I just realised I bought a thick elastic belt the other day to try and draw attention to the smallest part of me...Trinny and Suzannah would be proud...but I digress...

My greatest challenge for Master 4's first school disco was what HE was going to wear. He has always had a great aversion to shirts...fine by me as I hate ironing, but I had a vision of him wearing cool jeans, a nice shirt (Country Road from Ebay) and his Gap black leather jacket (which I also scored off Ebay for a cool $50!). Thing is...he is a bit savvy my son...was going to have to do a good PR jobby on this one and really sell it to him. While he was at school I laid out 2 similar outfits. The one as above I wanted him to wear and another shirt & jean combo.

He swaggers in from school (I did mention he was only 4 didn't I) throws his school bag down and demands food. I am dreading the teenage years! Told him I had a 'surprise' in his bedroom. He runs in and looks at the outfits and I ask him does he want to wear "this one" (pointing to the secondary one) or (in one breath) "the cool one with the skater jeans and shirt that will match your skater shoes?" Guess which one he chose? Then I had to sell the jacket. Had to wait till all was in place...the clothes the shoes, the hair (a DB Mohawk) and then...pounce! "Hey, do you know what would look REALLY cool?" "What?" he says with a twinkle in the eye "THIS" and whip out the jacket slip it on him and race him to my full length mirror by which he then exclaims...I look cool don't I mum! Outfit. Done!

We get there 5 minutes early (I am ALWAYS early) and my excitement is building. We can hear the music and Master 4 is grinning from ear to ear. And then I remember the Wiggles concerts. And my heart sinks a little. Both years I took him he was a nightmare. Clinging on to me, wanting to go home, saying its too loud, too many people,crying etc etc all until 10 minutes before the end. So now I am dreading going inside for fear of it happening all again. His little friend turns up and they do the boy battle of Ben 10 each choosing to be a different alien. Then the door opens and he grabs the ticket and heads to the door. Stops and takes my hand...I take a breath and we both walk in. I point out the 'real' DJ and we make our way over to wait for some of his friends. He is in Awe. Then he spots some older kids break dancing, turns to me and says "I can do that" and starts cutting a rug on the dance floor. 3 glow sticks, a bag of lollies and 1 pop top later and he is in his element dancing to all his favourites. He crashes about an hour in but with 1/2 hour to go I make him tough it out. Last song is a dance with the parents to YMCA and then we are out of there, through the Macca's drive through and home. He is happy. And as he gets out the car, leather jacket flung over his arm he actually thanks me without prompt, and I smile like a Cheshire cat.

At his age he probably won't remember it, only through the photos I took and vague memories through my detailed story of the night (or I will still be blogging he can just read it!!.)

But I will remember it forever and it will sit proudly in my heart on top of all his other 'firsts' and know that tonight will definately not be his last.

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