Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's why we buy insurance....

Well, just when I think today is going to be an ordinary day and my blog tonight was going to be about my love/hate of something, the universe decides otherwise.

It started off fairly ordinary. Hubby and I got up when Bugalugs woke up at 6.30am and Grotbag followed bleary eyed an hour later. We went about our morning with breakfast and showers and getting ready to send Grotbag off for the day with his Grandma. Hubby researched plasma models on the Internet so he had some knowledge before going and buying one while using the money I had put away for skirting boards! My friend who I hadn't seen in a while popped over for a chat and to coo at Bugalugs and all was flowing along nicely.....Until Hubby decides to reverse out of our carport. I heard a horrible noise and 3 things went through my head.

1) What are the dogs up to?
2) That sounds like something has hit the car!
3) OH NO Hubby has hit my friends car!!!

But no...Hubby had caught the corner of the car bumper on the carport post and ripped the entire bumper off and then proceeded to drive down the road with it hanging on by a thread. I was is shock that he had driven away! Called him on his mobile 4 times (it was on silent) and cursed him continually under my breath. Finally he calls back and only realised it had happened when he had stopped at the shops to get money from the ATM and some woman was looking at the car. Then realised it was OUR car!!!

Now, in my previous blog I had referred to myself as hot headed and this I generally am. So you would be right in believing my reaction to this would be to shout and scream and call Hubby every blasphemous name under the sun. However the reason Hubby probably "caught" the bumper on the post was because after only having the car for 2 months I also hit the post and "nicked" the corner of the bumper causing it to stick out ever so slightly. This is the side he caugth. I also referred to Hubby as laid back, so when I had my misdemeanor he simply sighed and said "well as long as you are OK!" (He also said the same thing the year before when I reversed our other car into a post on Christmas Eve)!

So now Hubby is taking it to the assessor tomorrow and booking it in for the car surgery. This is what is the pain in the butt is about breaking things, the inconvenience of not having something that you rely on. This means that there will be a rant and rave in future blogs about how I had to borrow/hire/steal a car to cart Grotbag and Bugalugs around while it gets fixed!

I figured that no one got hurt, only our car was damaged and hey..It's why we buy insurance!

Below is the picture of my poor car post even looks sad!!

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