Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Cast

Not sure if I will get a chance to blog tonight as we are going out for dinner with friends, so thought I would take the chance to blog now while Hubby sleeps off his night shift and the baby has a nap...I say nap because he only sleeps 40 mins at a time during the day, hence why I always blog late at night!

After reading many a blog this last week since starting my own after being inspired by a friend of mine (thanks MJ!) I realised that bloggers don't use peoples names and instead use an alias. I love the idea of this and actually don't like writing Master 4 or Baby because at some point Master 4 will become Master 5 and the Baby will no longer be a baby. So have decided to give my cast of characters (of which they truly are) an alias!

My Husband will simply still be known as Hubby. I was thinking all night of what to call him (believe me many names came to mind all suitable but not necessarily to be shared!!) and realised that Hubby how I have him listed in my mobile and plus its easy to type. A bit about Hubby... He will be turning 40 next year (2010), is very laid back especially compared to my mania and a great dad. He loves fishing, watching Sky News and Green Day etc type music. Bit different from when I met him 7 years ago and all he had were Ministry of Sound Cd's!!! He loves everything I cook him and is a great guinea pig for new recipes (even the dodgy ones!). He loves simple pleasures in life and if he had his way we would be living the Busselton Lifestyle now...not in 20 years time!!!

Master 4 will be known in future blogs as Grotbag. I say this lovingly of course, just imagine me ruffling his hair as I say it to him. Grotbag suits as he is turning into such a 'boy'! I shouldn't be surprised seeing as he is a boy, but until this year when he started Kindy I had never seen him be so boisterous and pretending to be an alien etc etc. Plus he has started picking his nose and showing me the spoils of his labour...see...Grotbag!! A little bit about Grotbag...He is 4 years old going on 15. He already has an insatiable appetite and I run out of things to give him to eat daily. His mantra is "I'm Hungry" so I have to take an abundance of food with me wherever I go! He is, as my Mum will tell anyone who will listen, just like me! Poor sod! We are both hot headed, passionate, stubborn, messy but strangely organised in our own way. We both hate clowns. I know the teenage years are going to be Hell and we will clash terribly but I am ready for it! He is however loving, generous, has a great imagination, makes me laugh every day (and sometimes cry!!) and has a spirit in him I will be forever proud of. He also wants to be a policeman and copies his dads Coventry accent only on the week he is home!

The Baby in all future blogs will be known as Bugalugs. Grotbag found Hubby calling the baby Bugalugs (in a English Coventry accent, as in Boogaloogs) and has copied it every since and it makes Bugalugs giggle. A little bit about Bugalugs....at the moment he is 4 & 1/2 months old. Only naps during the day but sleeps 12 hours at night...hey we can't have everything! He is pretty content most of the time but jeez when he cries its like the whole world has come to an end. He screams until his need is met so keeps me on my toes! I am not as strict routine wise as I was with Grotbag as it is impossible so I just do what I can to make our families life easier. He is my little IVF miracle and like clockwork has just woken up so am now typing this with one hand.

So there is the main cast of my life. Others I am sure will make the regular cast, guest appearances, and there may be a few that get special guest star billing and I will give all of them their character alias' when they make their debuts! Right, gotta go before Bugalugs wakes Hubby up with his screams of attention!!

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