Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday & The 4 o'clock Train

Monday in our house always proves to be a busy day but we have 3 different Mondays in our house. Happy Monday, Middle Monday & Grumpy Monday. But this Monday, today, marks the end of my 2 week's of "doing it all by myself". My Hubby arrives back tomorrow after working his roster of 2 weeks away, and 1 week home. So this makes it HAPPY MONDAY. My spirit's are high knowing that he is home tomorrow and I will have a week with an extra pair of hands for the kids, maybe a couple of lay in's in the mornings, be able to just jump in the car myself to quickly go somewhere, a girls night out, adult conversation and of course someone sleeping/snoring beside me at night. Master 4 goes to bed excited on Happy Monday knowing his dad will be picking him up from school tomorrow instead of boring old mum. And Hubby chats animatedly on the last phone call before he is home about the weeks events. Ah, the weeks events. We are always incredibly busy the week my hubby is home as we try and cram as much into it as possible.

By the time Happy Monday comes around I am usually burnt out from being the only parent for 2 weeks. However, it is still a Monday which means the following usually occurs. And did occur today. I always try and arrange for Master 4 to get out the house on a Monday Morning to burn off some Happy Monday energy. I usually end up at an indoor play venue, a friends house or a park and usually invite a friend with kids to join us. This also gives me a chance to catch up with a friend and have a chat while Master 4 is happy playing. Today we met a friend and her children at a local park. It was freezing but we all rugged up and the kids had a ball. I then made a trip to the local fruit and veggie market to stock up for my hubby's arrival, making a mental note of the meals I would be cooking this week. Cooking is the only thing I do not get a reprieve from. My choice. We then came home and I proceeded to tidy the mess that was our weekend and do some washing. I am not much of a cleaner. I hate it. But that rant is for another blog, another day!!

Then came, what I call, the 4 o'clock train. I don't like missing the 4 o'clock train or it can throw the whole night out!! 4 o'clock is when I start to prepare dinner. Master 4 is usually playing in the playroom while the baby is happily watching him or in his bouncer chair. Between 5 & 5.30pm we eat and about 6.15pm the boys have a bath. My baby boy is given his last bottle while Master 4 finishes his bath. By 7pm the baby is in bed (the 7 o'clock train is another one I don't like to miss!) and Master 4 is either watching his own show on Disney channel or watching Masterchef with me. 8pm Master 4 is usually in bed and I clean up all the dinner stuff, wash and prepare bottles for the morning, and because it is a Monday prepare Master 4's lunch for Kindy tomorrow, lay out his clothes for the morning to make things run smoother and then jump on the computer. The 4 o'clock train comes every night. Those that know me well, they know not to call between 4pm & 8pm for fear of derailing that train.

So here I am again on Happy Monday. I caught the train, completed my journey and here I sit preparing for another huge week. I can almost envision what my blogs will read like as I look at the calendar that's filled with stuff we are doing. I take a deep breath and look forward to tomorrow when I can pick my hubby up from the airport and we are again a normal family of 4 for another week!

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