Monday, June 7, 2010

What Day Is It Again? Meatball Monday?

It's been a public holiday today and so my week is already screwed!

I was going to start doing my Meatless Monday meals again but forgot and then when I finally remembered I realised to make the pumpkin & ricotta cannelloni I would need pumpkin and ricotta.

Did you know that I am blonde?

Anyhoo....we had meatballs and spaghetti instead and I shall do the cannelloni later in the week.

Stay with me...there is a story in this!!

I don't make my own meatballs. I used to in the past but it costs the same to buy them already rolled and ready to cook if not less because I like the pork and veal ones that Woolworths make. AND they are half the fat of the beef Italian or their normal beef ones (they do 3 varieties) so I feel better when buying them.

ANYHOO....about a year ago Woolworths had a special buy two packs of meatballs for $8 (they are normally $4.99 a pack with 12 meatballs) which was only a saving of $2 but hey, save where you can. I picked up my regular P&V ones and went through the checkout. After checking my docket I realised they hadn't taken the discount off. So off to the service counter I go...$2 I know but it's the principle.

Upon waiting 15mins and them checking with the meat department I was correct and so thought I would just get my $2 back.

But no.

Their policy is that if something is scanned incorrectly it's free! So I got one pack for free and the other cost me $4 because of them being on special for $8!

Woo hoo.... bargain and I skipped away knowing that I beat the big guys.

I know...please stay with me there is a point!!

So about a month or two later I see the same special... "coolio" I say to myself and pick up the two P&V ones. Again go through the checkout, check my docket, no discount! Off to the service counter again, get one pack for free and only $4 for the next one.

What a fluke...imagine it happening twice!

Well imagine it happening FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!

Yep, for some reason the P&V ones were never scanned to be on special but were always included (believe me I asked the butcher and always checked).

Every time I they were on special (every month maybe?) I grabbed them, waited till I went through the checkout and then went and got one for free. About 6 months in they went up to $9 for the two but I still bought them. I shop at a couple of different Woolies depending on what shopping centre I am at and it was always the same at all of them. Every time I bought them I sooo expected they would be scanned correctly and each time I was surprised!

Well finally in last weeks shopping it came to an end. They scanned with the discount. I was a bit disappointed but was still stoked that It would take a while for me to catch up with all the ones I got for free and I will still buy them because I like them and that was the beauty of it!

So there was my meatball story...riveting wasn't it! LOL!

Be sure to tune in later in the week when I discuss cuts of lamb!! ( really I am!)

So what little bargains have you picked up while doing your food shopping?


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