Friday, June 4, 2010

Dog Vomit at 6am is never a good way to start the day!

6am - Wake up to Sye (40kg Chocolate Brown Labrador) sorry...wake up a bit more and realise he is trying to vomit.

6.01am - Realise Sye HAS vomited. Yay - dog vomit!!

6.02am - Put both Sye and Jasper (cute little barky Cocker Spaniel) in garden.

6.03am - Turn Kettle on

6.04am - Clean up dog vomit.

6.05am - Turn on most electrical appliances in family room burning my carbon footprint securely in the earth and make a cup of tea.

6.10am - Grotbag comes in - tell him it's early and go back to bed...he snuggles with me on the couch. It's the nicest he will be to me all day. Love it before he realises he has an attitude.

6.30am - Have a shower, dress and put a load of washing on.

6.50am - Wake up Bugalugs, give him his bottle.

6.55am - Shout at Grotbag for not listening or similar, threaten something scary like DS confiscation.

7.10am - Get breakfast for Grotbag, put it on table and realise Sye has vomited behind the table.

7.11am - Clean up more dog vomit. Yay dog vomit!!

7.15am - 8pm - Kids dressed, lunch made, bags packed, out the door.

8.35am - Say good by to Grotbag at his classroom, gossip to other Mums for a while, leg it out of there!!

8.50am - Bribe Bugalugs with a biscuit to be quite while waiting for Charity Shop to open.

9am - Drop two bags of clothes into Charity Shop bin and try and find 'outfit' for Grotbags "Olden Days" Day at school next week. Think that the shop will be full of flat caps, braces and waist coats. Not so. Shop is full of 80's & 90's high street non-fashion. Find a flannelet shirt for $2 and leave.

9.30am - Go to Post Office and post pressie to UK!

9.45am - Arrive at another Charity Shop and find a cap (it's a girls one but he won't know) and a navy waist coat. Nearly fall over at the prices. If I had time could have got them cheaper on Ebay!!! Feel a bit selfish for having to only pay marginal amount and realise it's a "Charity". At the last minute find a pair of groovy crocs for $9! Yay!

10.15am - Get home put Bugalugs to bed for morning sleep and hang washing out.

10.30am - Hungry! Heat homemade Leek & Potato soup in microwave.

10.33am - Spill soup taking it out of microwave. Swear. Clean it up. Badly.

10.36am - Eat soup then go and pull everything down off the top of my walk in wardrobe.

10.37am - Realise I have to clean it. Realise not only am I allergic to cleaning I am also crap at it too. Probably takes me twice as long as the average person.

10.50am - Think about sorting what I have just pulled down from the top of my wardrobe but want to assemble storage boxes bought from IKEA yesterday. Seems like more fun.

10.51am - NOT more fun. Boxes have 12 screws for each box. I have 8 boxes!

11.30am - I have completed 2 boxes and am now bored. Stuff from TOW (top of wardrobe) still strewn across my bed and floor.

11.31am - Bugalugs wakes (early!) and saves me from having to assemble another box or sort stuff from TOW!

12.30am - 2.15pm - Go food shopping.

2.25pm - Throw Bugalugs in freezer. Realise should have been frozen peas. Throw all perishables in fridge and freezer, leave the rest of the shopping on the counter and put Bugalugs back in the car.

3pm - Pick Grotbag up from School.

3.15pm - Grotbag tries on his "olden days" clothes. Loves them. He looks cute. Me done good.

3.16pm - Put Bugalugs down for a sleep.

3.17pm - Make another cuppa and assemble two more boxes. Yes... I know I haven't got the washing in. It is doomed to stay out over night. Yes...TOW still strewn all over the floor.

4pm - The 4 O'Clock Train Begins. Yes that is Dinner prep, dinner cooked, dinner eaten, baths run, kids cleaned, bottle given, dishwasher packed, Bugalugs put to bed all by 6.30pm.

6.31pm - Put more washing on.

7pm - Grotbag goes to bed. Put washing in Tumble Dryer.

7.01pm - Make a cuppa and eat snickers bar sneakily bought when shopping hee hee!

7.30pm - Watch MasterChef Australia (Fav show).

9pm - Hubby Rings YAY!!!! He was waiting for MasterChef to finish.

9.10pm - Start blog reading.....Yes... washing is still in Tumble Dryer but is OK because it is on "Crease Mode" meaning it will keep tumbling every so often till I go get it. Yes...other washing still on line....Yes...TOW still all over floor with 4 more boxes to assemble.

9.4pm - Start writing this blog! All of the above still apply....

There is always tomorrow!!

Sye & Jasper


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