Monday, November 30, 2009


OK excited doesn't even begin to cover it - there must be a better and then let me know if you can think of one in the comments!!

(I really do think a little bit of pee came out my pelvic floor isn't what it used to be!!!)
Now really really really do not know what this means to me...OK so I will tell you!!

I think I must have been the original WHAM! really I LOVE(D) WHAM! Now for those new followers and those lurkers out there (yes I can see the FOLLOW button already!!) I was born in London and lived there until 1985 before emigrating to Perth in Western Australia with my Mum and Step-dad. In 1985 WHAM! were doing a concert at (the old) Wembley Stadium. I pleaded with my Mum to take me but she declined saying something stupid like I am too young or something equally unfair *pokes tongue out*. I have held it against her ever since (no really...just ask her!)

Anyhoo you can imagine my excitement when in 1988 George Michael comes to Perth on his FAITH tour. Little old Perth - the most isolated city in the world!! I was 15 and even to this day when I explain to people how the show opened I still get emotional and start to cry! Yeah I know. This is how it happened:
The lights suddenly went down, the white sheet in front of the stage dropped and behind it a HUGE cage slowly opened to reveal one of the first laser screens to be used at a concert featuring the words SEX, LOVE, FAITH and a woman walking across the screen and then the guitar starts and George comes out and sings Faith...well he tries because the whole of the Entertainment Centre sings it for him...he later in the show sings it again *sniff*

Excuse me while I go get a tissue...

That's better!

I don't know if I get emotional because it was the first concert I went to sans parents (and only my second concert ever after seeing Billy Joel a month or so earlier) or because it spawned my love of concerts. His songs are always my fall back when I can't think what to listen to on my ipod and all his songs speak to me about some part in my life or some relationship. God I love him (obviously not in that way!)

So a few days ago it was announced that he was coming to Perth next February. Not only that but he was ONLY coming to Perth and then Sydney - that's it (sucked in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane...OMG sorry, it's the 15 year old in me coming out again!)

So me and my friend H seemed to come together in a dream like sequence and I knew that I would be going to be going to see him with her. Well actually she said she wanted to go on Facebook and I was the only one who said I would go with her...but she was waiting for me..she said so!
We then joined every site possible so that we could hopefully get pre-sale tickets. You know ones that go on sale a few days before the "Public" get their mitts on them. So today I received the email to say that I could get them TODAY but needed some kind of code word from some site I realised that I hadn't joined. H hadn't either. So we decided we had nothing to lose but guess the code word. I thought of Freedom but that wasn't it then H said try Faith - AND GUESS WHAT THAT WAS THE CODE WORD! (more pee....)

Oh you gotta have Faith.....It was a sign!!!!

So we secured our tickets ($300 later!!! and they were not the most expensive), I secured a's Mum...well she owes me for the WHAM! at Wembley incident!

So now the count down is on.....and I had to tell Hubby how much his wife, who doesn't do any paid work has spent $300 on a George Michael ticket...just before Christmas...the same wife that wants and iphone...ooh and a laptop!!

I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!! He even guessed that I would spend $200 - I told him higher and he spluttered a bit but the wonderful man that he is doesn't mind. He just said that we might have to go without the turkey this year at Christmas and eat baked beans on toast for 3 weeks...but you know..whatever...I AM GOING TO SEE GEORGE MICHAEL!!!

So my question for my wonderful commenters today is who would you pee your pants to see? Who did you see at your first concert and has it affected you like it has know a bit crazy? OK and if one of you even mentions that you have met George I want proof and I might have to unfollow you....I'm harsh that way!!


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