Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Only Time Of The Year I Get To Have Pink Plates & Napkins

Most of my followers know that I held my 2nd Annual Pink Ribbon Breakfast on Saturday 24th for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Well the day was a great success and really fun. All the girls (no boys allowed - kicked Hubby and my boys out!) came dressed in pink and brought a little something to eat and share. The food was FABULOUS just look at the photos below. AB out did herself from last year with her Pink Ribbon Cake and Ren's pink lamingtons we as fluffy as clouds. We had a raffle and it worked out I had just enough prizes for everyone to take something home! It was like a politically correct kids party with everyone getting a prize!!

We basically spent the rest of the time chatting and gossiping and ooohhhing and ahhhing at the latest Tupperware. Tupperware give 10% of all sales made on the day to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and also provided a few raffle prizes as well! So I invite them to be part of the day each year.

Anyway below are a few photos from the day - I am totally all pinked out but will be back to host another Pink Ribbon Day next year. Like the title says, in a house full of boys it's the only time I get to have a 'pink' party!!

You can help me achieve my fundraising goal by making a donation, with all money raised going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation's research programs, It's quick and easy. You can make a secure online donation to my breakfast using your credit card by clicking HERE.

my ribbon biscuits

Barbie's chocolate covered strawberries
Sal's rubarb filled melting moments

Ren's Pink Lamingtons

AB's Pink Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Me - The Hostess
Hubby's Badge for the day!


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