Friday, January 22, 2010


At the beginning of January my Hubby turned 40!
It was just another day for him.

I am getting palpitations already and I have another 3 1/2 years to go!

He LOVES the V8 Supercars and so for his birthday I bought him a morning at a local track which is on the national tour. Basically he had 8 laps driving a V8 around the track with a coach and then as a bonus he had a couple of "Hot Laps" where he is a passenger and the drivers show him how its really done!

He was like a pig in poo!! He loved it!

I also loved him in a driving suit! Looks like he was born to be a Racing Car Driver!!

On another note, we are having a small belated birthday party for him tomorrow night! I was going to wear a strapless top after weeks of agonising over what to wear. But today I went and got myself a little suntan (read "sunburn" even though I applied sunscreen) while watching him do his boy thing in a fast car so now I have to re-evaluate what I am wearing.
Still I have a ton of food to make including his cake so I think if I actually have time to get dressed it will be a miracle!! So better go start that cake.....


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