Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, last night I dreamt of Vampires.

Nothing specific, just them doing walk on parts in my dreams.

I’m not surprised really.

I am currently reading these:

And have recently watched the first two seasons of this:

Last night I also finished watching the first 10 episodes of this:

And have done this to death (pardon the pun):

Why am I so obsessed with Vampire stuff?

And I can understand the True Blood stuff because it makes Twilight look like a children’s book. Oh wait. It is a children’s book.

Anywhoo I can’t get enough of it. I mean I am not obsessed in a I want Edward to bite me kind of way but I am absorbing like a sponge.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind being bitten by Mr Kwanten here:

So what is a 36 year old woman doing reading and watching teenagers run around biting each other?

The more I think about it the more I realize that I think it is about the passion and the romance of it all and the fact that they are set in the modern age.

Twilight for me could be placed in any moment in time. There is hardly any references to pop culture so it will last the distance for many years to come and will probably become a classic piece of literature. I also see a lot of Jane Austen in Twilight. The fact that there is no PDA but they fall in deeply in love anyway, all very romantic.

True Blood is a different bottle of blood though. The books are more Mills and Boons, but the R rated show is more like soft porn! True Blood has the more danger side of the romance and passion just oooozzzzeeesss from every pore and so much more for adults. It would be Twilight in their 20’s…oh wait they don’t grow old to they…well you know what I mean!

The Vampire Diaries I am new at. I watch the first 10 episodes in a row over a couple of nights. I like that it is a cross between the two and I have to say I am hooked! I love the characters especially Damon as he is just evil but you kind of love him anyway and hope that he has a shred of humanity left in him. I also love the periphery characters they make the show more rounded. I imagine there are books that this is based on the show too so I will no doubt hunt them down too!

So for now I will keep up the obsession until a new one comes along. Revel in the lives (and deaths) of these characters that are the modern day heroes and heroines of our time and still fight the teenagers to get to the front of the movie line to watch the next installment of Twilight.
So Bite Me!!


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