Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have started compiling photos of the past year, kind of like the "Best Of Our Family" for 2009 that I will then get made into a photo book.

While looking through the year that was, it brought back some memories that I thought I had blogged about but somehow had managed to miss. I think I confuse myself with my blogs and my status updates on Facebook!

One of those sweet little memories is how I gave myself a chemical burn. Yeah I know how could I have not blogged about that little doozie!!

It was just before we went on holiday to Busselton and just after my Pink Ribbon Breakfast it probably wasn't up there with the top blog fodder.

Anyway I thought I would share it with you now because although I may seem refined and demur *cough splutter* I do tend to do the oddest things at times and they always backfire! Plus I think it is slightly funny...

Because we were going on holiday I decided a few nights before we would leave that I would defuzz myself before possibly having to put on bathers. I didn't want to be doing any impersonations of Miranda from the Sex In The City Movie.

"Honey, there is always time for THAT"!

Usually I shave or wax but time was of the essence and I thought I would give the old depilatory cream a try. I look back now and think "What were you thinking???" but hey just call me spontaneous!!

I did a little test patch something I wouldn't normally bother with (because I am too lazy) but because it was in a 'sensitive' area thought I had better.

Test area fine! So took myself off to the bathroom and set about ridding myself the unwanted hair. Everything was going well but I was a bit messy and managed to get some cream just above my bikini line just above my lovely C-Section scar. No problem I thought, I will just wipe it off at the end with the rest.

After 5 minutes I checked how the cream was working. It's then that I saw a very angry line and where I had managed to get the cream above my bikini it had gone VERY red and looked VERY sore. Thing was, I couldn't feel anything. This area was still numb (because of the nerve endings) from my C-Section with Bugalugs and not much feeling had returned anyway from my C-section with Grotbag.

But even I could see that if I could have felt it I would be screaming right about now!

So I quickly jumped in the shower and washed it all off as I was freaking out a bit by now. I dried the red area thoroughly and put some antiseptic cream on it but an hour later it looked weepy and blistered. I showed Hubby and he suggested a trip to the ER just to be sure.

This was a Saturday night buy the way. So knowing I would probably be there for a while I packed a book and a drink and set off. Hey it was a trip without the kids!!

Remember I couldn't feel anything so it was all a little bit surreal by this point.

The ER was PACKED with people and not just the usual rowdy Saturday night crowd. There were people that looked REALLY sick!

I was triage'd pretty quickly. I explained to the nurse what had happened and she seemed quite taken aback that I wasn't in any pain. Apparently I should be in a lot of pain as we ascertained that it was some kind of chemical burn.

So then I take a seat and settle in for the next 20 minutes with my book. Yes that's all folks just 20 minutes - I wait longer to see my GP for a referral!

Apparently burns are fast tracked in the ER. But remember I had NO signs of actually being sick. Imagine you were there, really really ill and you saw me just waltz into the ER, have seat and pull my book out and then get seen before ANYONE that was there before you.

The evil stares could have stripped wallpaper. Plus all the looks of "what the hell is wrong with her, she looks fine and I am REALLY sick!"

I was in and out with the Doctor in 5 minutes. He treated the burn, gave me some dressing as I had to keep it dry for the next 5 days and I was out of there.

Literally, I ran in case of a mob attack!!

So after all that I couldn't swim on my holiday anyway!! The burn cleared up in a few days and I have vowed never to use the cream again.

Waxing is a lot less painful....in many ways!!!

So any of you got a silly story you have forgotten to blog about? Or is it just me...


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