Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I wanted to start 2010 with some posts I had going round in my brain all over the Christmas period and then life came and put a stop to it!

My Hubby turned 40, Bugalugs is 1 in 4 weeks and Grotbag starts school full time in a month too. Hubby was home the whole of December which was fantastic but threw me off course from my routine. Bugalugs, now 11 months old and the past week has had a viral infection causing him to be the most irritable baby ever, therefore keeping me up most nights. This of course equals grumpy mummy, dusty house and the pause button on the blogging. Plus it is school holidays here and quite frankly I am going slightly insane keeping Grotbag occupied.

Not only that but I haven't visited any blogs and have lost a follower!

I am also at a quandry as to where my blog is heading. Should it head anywhere or just follow it's own course?

But the longer I think about it the longer it takes me to write a post and then another day goes by and I don't write anything.

I have really enjoyed writing these past 6 months. I have loved the freedom of being about to put words on the page and send them out into the world. It is a joy I had forgotten about since High School. And I want to do more, so I am just going to write and write (and then probably edit) and keep sending it out into the world.

So I guess it is going to follow it's own course...hope you will come along for the ride!


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