Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Many long time readers will know my opinion on receiving flowers after my He Don't Bring Me Flowers post last June.

It's a good should read it! It was quite controversial.

So now here is the post where I contradict myself! There are some flowers that I do like...or love in fact and they are Frangipanis!

There are two reasons for this.

The first one being that I decided to have Frangipanis for as my wedding flowers. This was before everything that possibly could have a Frangipani on it did. For the record I don't have any of that stuff!

I searched high and low for stationery and ended up buying greeting cards from the Internet and turning them into my wedding invites and had real Frangipanis for the rest.

Below are pictures of my wedding bouquet, my bridesmaids bouquets and the flower girls wire bags that they carried...soo cute!
frangipani bouquetI also had real Frangipanis adorn my wedding cake!

frangipani cake
I still gasp when I see the photo of that cake!

But the second and main reason I love Frangipanis is that as a wedding gift my Hubby bought me my very own Frangipani tree. Which is planted directly out the front of my house at the front door!

And every year about this time they bloom and it brings back all the memories of my wedding day. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! The flowers are so pretty and the smell is awesome!

These are the ones in bloom on my tree that I took pictures of this morning.

frangipanisPretty, Pink & all mine!!


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