Monday, January 11, 2010


So Bugalugs has decided after 11 months he has had enough of being a placid, giggly, cute as a button baby and turned into Rosemary's Baby!

If I leave the room = screaming
If he thinks I might leave the room = screaming
If I put the dogs in the garden because he is watching them = screaming
Pick him up = screaming
Put him down = screaming
Put him in the swing outside = giggles - but only for about 15 mins then = screaming

Seriously the child has become a nightmare and for the life of me I cannot decipher what the hell he wants!!

Usually he is like this:

Then it dissolves into this:

Typical man sending me mixed signals!

There is only so much you can blame teething on right?

He has also become seriously offended by me putting him in his playpen. OK so the Mummy police I don't want to hear what you think of playpens or prisons as some of you might think - just a warning - not the blog to comment!!

He loved it and I knew he was safe and on the only rug in the house and he couldn't put Grotbags Lego or Hot Wheels cars in his mouth.

Oh he wants to roam around...and despite having the entire catalogue of toys made by Fisher Price he thinks that the DVR and Wii are much better toys to touch and hear mummy say a firm "NO!". THE ONLY things he can reach that I can't move anywhere else. Either that or the hard drive on the computer which now has some elaborate cage system around it made up from other toys from the playroom!

So I am happy to have him roam, I think it's kind of cute if he follows me around and really there is not much to touch. If he wants to put a handful of dust bunnies in his mouth then hey, I'm cool with that too. BUT he will be roaming around having a wander then all of a sudden sit up, scream and cry like a proper tantrum! So I will pick him up.

Still screaming.

Drink. Food. Nappy. Put down again. All result in the screaming and then just as sudden as it started. Stops!

I really am scratching my head on this one and just hoping it passes. And soon!

Mummy just can't take this for much longer!!!!


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