Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good customer service from a call, really I am serious!!

It's all very well to bitch and moan about bad service. I mean it happens quite a lot but just like anything that happens all the time you end up becoming immune to it and start accepting it as the norm.

However, every now and then there is a company that provides good customer service or has an idea in customer service that in my opinion EVERY company should adopt.

This morning I received a nice little email from my ISP telling me that I have reached my download limit for the month and so although I won't get charged anymore they will slow me down in the peak period. I was expecting this little gem as last week I got the preliminary email telling me I had reached the 80% - it was like a little 'whoa slow down sister or we will do it for you' message.

So having decided that I cannot deal with slow Internet speed I called them (they are available 24/7 - yes people 24/7 it's Sunday morning here as I write this) - and as usual I find myself in a queue. But low and behold this was the message that I heard:

"Hi there, you must be really busy and not want to spend the next 20 minutes holding for the next operator so guess what....we will call YOU back. Yep just type in your number then press hash and tell us your name so we know who to ask for. And don't worry your little self about losing your place in the queue, we will save your spot and we should be able to call you in the next *pause* 12 to 19 minutes. So off you go, go hang your washing out, have a cup of tea or read a few more blogs and we will give you a call in just a mo!"

Well not verbatim OK .... I am inflicting artistic licence here but seriously is that good or what?

I don't know any other company that does this but all call centres should adopt it - think how much happier all us little customers would be.

So in the time I COULD have been waiting on the phone I put my washing away put another load on and put Bugalugs down for a sleep. And they called me back about 15 minutes later and they put me back on normal speed, changed my plan for next month all within a few minutes.

Ahhh what a way to start a Sunday morning....

Do you have any good call centre customer service stories? Any cool practices that you think others should adopt? Let me know in the comments...


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