Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

OK.....I can't keep quiet so this is not really wordless Wednesday but I took this photo of Bugalugs yesterday after his dinner and it keeps making me smile so it was too good not to share!
Blog posts are a bit thin on the ground as I have loads going on outside of the blogosphere including a Pink Ribbon Breakfast I am hosting on Saturday for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and also preparing for a mini break with the family.
I have also spontaneously signed up today to be an AVON rep in my area????? What the? Well I need to lose the baby weight but love food too much so have to move my butt instead, plus I can do it with Hubby working away and with the kids. Hopefully it will bring in a little bit of cash too which can't be bad so will have to wait and see.
Anyhoo, thanks for all your comments I have been reading them all and will eventually get around to replying to you all. Promise.....


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