Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Only Takes A Second!

Finally the weather has decided to catch up with the season here in Perth and today was a beautiful 't-shirt & thongs' warm Spring day in Perth. (Thongs as in Haviana's not Victoria Secret's!!)

Grotbag and I headed off one of his Kindy friends 5th birthday party today and as the weather was nice he was told to bring his swimming stuff so all the kids can go in the pool.

Bit too cold for me and the rest of the mums but we smothered the kids in sunscreen and let them swim standing around the pool watching them enjoy the sunshine! This was the first time I had let Grotbag go in the pool without me being in with him.

Now Grotbag has swimming lessons every week (and had been to a lesson this morning) but is a bit scared of deep water where he can't touch the bottom. Believe me he is no risk taker this kid except when you put him on wheels - scooters & skateboards are a preference then I have my heart in my mouth watching him.

Anyway he decided the best thing to do was hang out with one of his mates on the steps. All us mums were inside the pool fence watching the kids and chatting. No more than arms reach away from the kids. Everyone is having fun.

After about 20 Min's Grotbag decides he would like to have a go on one of the boogie boards, lay on it and have a kick around. I said he could but to be careful.

It happened in seconds, the boogie board tipped and he went under. He came up but panicked and forgot how to swim and so I jumped in and pulled him up (yes fully clothed).

He was OK! He cried! And rightly so he was spooked! So I sat with him on the step. I didn't want to make a HUGE deal out of it for him because I didn't want to create a bad association with swimming and pools. We live in Australia and swimming is a MUST here, the last thing I want is for him to have a big fear of water. So I just held him told him he was fine now and gave him a big cuddle. Within 5 Min's he was fine and back splashing. Mum to the rescue!

It only takes a second. And in that second I was so scared but also focused on getting him up, nothing else mattered.

He has never worn armbands or a float vest but I think I will be investing in one tomorrow and joining him in the pool from now on even if the water is a bit cold! The alternative is unthinkable!

So, have you ever had any close calls with your kids or family members? Has it changed the way you think or do anything to change the outcome next time?


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