Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 Blogs For The Price Of 1

I have been neglecting my blog...shameful I know but have been using my usual blog time to sleep. This is because my gorgeous Bugalug decided that he would start waking in the night, leaving me no choice but to retire to bed early each night. So have decided to do 4 blogs in one, which is really for my benefit and not my readers as I need to get this stuff out of my head!


Bugalugs woke twice Friday night and it took me ages to get him back to sleep both times. I have jinxed myself after sleep school. I know what the problem is...that damn dummy!!! Grotbag had a dummy, recommended because he was a windy baby (he is still a windy child!) and it was never a problem. If it fell out at night he didn't wake and by the time he did wake he could find it and put it back in. Bugalugs has been fine but Friday night was not a happy camper and I was up every 10 minutes putting the thing back in. I am also still swaddling him which I think he is OVER So am determined to get rid of the dummy and swaddling for good!


Have spent all day Saturday doing nothing and letting the TV parent and babysit Grotbag. After being up most of Friday night with Bugalugs I am exhausted so just lulled about all day until my mum turned up at 5.30pm so I could get ready to go out and babysit the kids. I did however work out how to use the new DVD recorder to record some programmes for Hubby. I went to a newish pub/restaurant for my friends birthday in the evening. I get so excited getting ready to go out now as it doesn't happen as often as I like. However, I left at 10.15pm as knew I could be in for another bad night with Bugalugs....I was right!!!

Harry Potter

Grotbag wanted to watch Harry Potter. I was wary as I know it is scary for a young kid of 4 but he has been on at me for days after getting a free Harry Potter wand with a magazine (he just looks at the pictures! So Sunday I finally gave in. He really enjoyed it and I warned him before and potentially scary bits came up and he was very brave and watched them all. Now he is running around waving his wand like Mr Potter. He waved it at me and said I was going to disappear. He then said he would get me to re-appear when he was hungry. Hmmm know where I stand. Bugalugs kept me up AGAIN!

That's It!!

I know now why sleep deprivation is a form of torture. When you get used to sleep it is hell giving it up. So have decided that when Hubby is home on Tuesday we are going to do the sleep works programme I learnt as sleep school and get rid of the dummy for good! Today is also Happy Monday - Yay!! Hubby is home tomorrow and calm will be restored for another week! So I unswaddled Bugalugs when I put him down last night and well you know what happened....HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT TILL 7am!!!! Have not given him the dummy much today and put him to sleep without it and he went down fine. So will not do the sleep works programme just yet and will just have to see how he goes tonight and if all goes well we are going to start sleeping him in his own room. Just hope Hubby's snoring doesn't wake him in the night!

4 for the price of 1.


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