Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middle Monday & Banana Muffins

I am a day behind but yesterday was Middle/Hump Monday. I only mention it because I have mentioned the other two Monday's in my life and didn't want Middle Monday, like a middle child, to feel left out.
Middle Monday marks the half way point of me being the only parent and only a week to go to Happy Monday and Hubby coming home. Middle Monday this week was also the start of the school holidays, something I am still coming to terms with. I went back to work 3 days a week when Grotbag was 10 months old and up until the first term school holidays this year I had not had him 24/7 since he went into day care. I was beside myself and also had a new baby to boot!
Still day 1 of the school holidays this time was spent at home as the weather was cold and rainy. We played Play Doh which is a treat in my house and something that I keep back to make it a bit special. However, it ended in disaster when Grotbag mixed the blue and green together. A pet hate of mine. I know...I should just let it go!!! Then I made Grotbag help me clean the bathroom....holiday memories he will cherish!!
Today we went to an indoor play centre with some other Kindy kids and then something I do not do with two children very often if I can help it....food shopping. When we got home we were both exhausted but Bugalugs had a sleep (rare) so grab the opportunity so spend time alone with Grotbag we made some Choc Chip Banana Muffins. He loves cooking with me and pretends he is Sam on Masterchef. I have a secret wish for him to be a great cook. He just wants to lick the bowl!
I have shared the recipe link below which I got from taste.com.au as it is a good one, most regular bakers would have the store cupboard ingredients to hand without having to venture to the shops. I always have a few brown bananas hanging around and the recipe is easy to alter depending on what is in the cupboard.
You could easily swap the banana's for other fruit combinations and I used Wholemeal flour and white chocolate buttons today as I had no dark chocolate ones. I have also used broken bits of Easter egg chocolate in the past and substituted the sugar with low GI diabetic sugar when I had gestational diabetes.
They taste great, and for those of you who have read my weight watchers blog they are 5 points a muffin - 3 points if you leave out the chocolate!!!


Our batch of Banana Muffins

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