Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sleep Dammit!

I am struggling with Bugalugs day time sleeps.

He sleeps fine in the night. He is down at 7pm and may wake once or twice at night, usually just for his dummy but goes straight back to sleep and wakes between 6am & 7am. He has been doing this for quite a number of weeks now.

To most mums I know this is bliss, and yes it is great that I get a good night sleep.

However, he will only sleep for 45 minutes (if I am lucky) at a time during the day. And I have tried everything.

Controlled crying – I lost control and he screamed and screamed and then it took me 30 minutes to calm him down.

Staying with him till he falls asleep again – yeah, he didn’t and wouldn’t and then screamed and screamed and then it took me 30 minutes to calm him down.

Taking the dummy away – yeah that was the worst 24 hours of my life.

Repeating the same routine before he goes to sleep once he has woken – nah!

I have even let him sleep in my arms just so he gets some sleep as I know good day sleep promotes good night sleep. And this is why I am worried. What if his lack of day time sleep means that he starts waking in the night too?

The worse thing is that it is REALLY stressing me out. And I am not a really stressing out type of person. Cup is always half full with me, there is always a solution and things can only get better. Ha! Don’t know where she has gone but she doesn’t live here anymore! It has me in tears, especially when Grotbag wants to do something with me like play a game or play doh or finger painting and I am constantly getting up to a crying, screaming baby and end up crying and screaming myself. Not fair on Grotbag at all. And with Hubby working away, I have no relief and no time to myself or to give to Grotbag.

I thought I had turned a corner yesterday. He has a music projector in his cot and it has a a heart beat function where it just has the sound of a heart beat playing for 20 minutes, and he went back to sleep both times after waking. But today that hasn’t worked, he had just lulled me into a false sense of security!

So we are off to sleep school next week. A free program called Sleep Works run by our local family services community centre and came highly recommended. The next 2 Fridays I will be hanging on every word those women say and hopefully it will work, because I REALLY need my days back and he really needs to be a rested peaceful baby.

Fingers crossed….

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