Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Week That Was

My Hubby came and went and Happy Monday changed to Grumpy Monday.

The Masterchef Finale happened on Sunday, I am really going to miss that show as it became part of my night time routine. I feel a bit lost now!

Bugalugs is now without Dummy and sleeping through the night after I bit the bullet and stayed up one night through screams and cries like sleep school had taught me. He is now a happy little soul.

Grotbag is back at school, thank goodness. He was driving me nuts. He brought home some great artwork today that I have framed in cheap red frames from IKEA. I am going to put them on his wall and change them periodically.

It was the five year anniversary of my father-in-law passing away. Very sad but I know he is with us in spirit and never far away from our thoughts.

My car went in for repairs to the bumper, so I am without a car. My mum has been kind enough to allow me to drive hers but is strange being so low to the ground and not being able to see as much. I am looking forward to getting my car back looking as good as new!

I had a great random girls night out with some new and old faces.

My tumble dryer has decided that 90 minutes is actually 7 minutes. The timer is stuffed. Great!

My diet has been abandoned this week through lack of motivation from me. Although you would think that my tummy was motivation enough. Not so. I need to look further....

So that was the week that was. It had love, laughter, screams, cries and a whole rainbow of emotions too many to write.

I wonder what this week will bring....

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