Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Bugalugs woke at 1am.....and didn't go back to sleep.

We rocked, patted, stuck dummy in, put music on, put projector on but to no avail.

Hubby was great as we took it in turns to soothe him back to sleep. Hubby ended up taking him off me at 6.30am after I had him in my arms from 3.30am and I slept till 8.30am.

He is in his own room tonight for the first time. The room in next to Grotbags so have sent him to our room to sleep and I will take over Grotbags room so he doesn't get woken if we have the same kind of night.

People ask me why and I look as befuddled as they do.

Is it teething, growth spurt or the need to start on solids?

Maybe the change of scenery might do him good....

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