Monday, July 27, 2009

Quirky Little Gemini

Hi I am a Gemini and like long walks on the beach at Sunset and reading poetry.

Actually I am a Gemini and although I do not live by astrology I do think I have some typical Gemini traits. A company I used to work for had an unusually large amount of Gemini's working in the same office. I think there were 7 or 8 of us in an office of 30. Very strange. Made for a calorific month with all the cake! Wonder what the collective name for us would have been???

Most Gemini's can be describes as having two personalities. I prefer this than being called 2 faced (although have known a few of those Gemini's in my time too). I am characterised by this in the fact that I have a hot temper but cool down just as quickly. I also don't hold a's too short. The testament to this is how many exes are friends on my Facebook account! However I never forget! Not holding a grudge also means that I don't sulk and it bugs me when other people do. Move on!

I am also full of contradictions. My washing has to be hung out a certain way, but I will leave a wet towel on the bed. The rest of the house is a mess but my kitchen is spotless. When I wash dishes they have to be done a certain way too and can't look in kitchen if Hubby is doing them for fear of the hot temper rising. I love routine for my kids but will never commit to doing anything on the same day every week. Mother's group was an exception for me and of course going to work but I can't stand the thought of 'having' to be somewhere at a certain time every week. It's why I never played a team sport or joined a club. And why my blog is not done daily.

I am always early or on time and hate people being late. But again as a contradiction to that, I know which friends of mine are always late and accept that it is part of what makes them tick, so will adjust my time with them if for example I have invited them for dinner I will always allow time for them to be late. If I don't know you very well however, I will be mad!

I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see but keep some things so very close that no one really actually knows the real me, even though they think they do. The other twin! (Was going to say evil but I am not evil....really!) Again I don't trust anybody, even though people might think I trust guard is always up!

There is that little two faced monster rising its head up again.

Gemini's are supposed to be (and which I think I am) communicative, witty (ha), generous, gossipy (ooh ah!), kind, objective, versatile, imaginative, and adaptable. But we can also be fickle, flighty, indecisive, nosy and get easily bored. Hmmm the last one is definitely me.

Maybe these are Gemini traits or maybe they are just part of my complex personality which happens to fall into line of my astrological sign. Whichever the case maybe, these are just a few of the things that make me....Me!

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Vodka Logic said...

Interesting. I don't follow my horoscope but it would be interesting to see how alike/different I am from what it says. I am Scorpio btw.


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