Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleep School - Part 1

Tomorrow I am off to "Sleep School" to sort out Bugalugs day time sleeps. Well, it's not really sleep school but a programme run by my local Community Child Health Centre called Sleepworks and is for parents whose babies (from 6 months to 3 1/2 years) are having trouble sleeping. They also run a programme called Hush Baby for babies 6 months and under.

But it is going to feel like going to school for me!

I am really nervous. In fact I am actually scared I am going to be overly defensive about the apparent "accidental parenting" of my child. What if I tell them what I am doing and they say (in some matronly voice):

"tutt tutt, well love that's your problem you shouldn't have (insert bad parenting here!)".
"so this is your second child is it???"

Or what if my problem sleeper isn't a problem sleeper at all, especially because I am attending due to his day time sleeps. And the other 7 mothers there, who havn't had a good night sleep in months look at me like I am a traitor and say (insert Paris Hilton type voice)

"O.M.G. he is soooooo NOT a problem sleeper. MY baby does (insert worse problem than mine!)"

I don't know why I imagine a Matron & Paris Hilton are going to be there but anywhoo....

I am also worried that what they tell me to do won't work or they want me to do something ludicrous to fix it. That's positive thinking I hear you say!

In a nutshell, I guess, I don't want to be judged for the type of parent that I am. None of us like to think we are doing a bad job in the Mothering department. And to tell you the truth I think that I do a pretty good job 99% of the time. Its just that darn 1%!

So as much as I am anticipating tomorrow to sort out the problem I am also dreading it too.

I will grab my pen and paper and hope it is much better than I am creating in my mind... and Paris Hilton isn't there!)

I wonder if they can do anything about Hubby's snoring........

Bugalugs 1 day old!

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