Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bringing Up Boys - Learning to Eat

So I have embarked on the world of ‘Solids’ for Bugalugs. Or in the immortal words of Kaz Cooke ‘Mashes”. Because the only thing solid is what comes out the other end!

Grotbag LOVED his mashes from the moment they past his lips and he hasn’t stopped eating since. He was a joy to cook for, even though he was lactose intolerant, and would scoff down anything I made for him.

“They” always say you get one of each so I think that Bugalugs will be my fussy eater. On the 9th of August he will be 6 months and for the past couple of weeks has been showing all of the signs of wanting more than just the bottle. So last week started him on one meal a day of rice cereal. He was a little perplexed but swallowed the first few mouthfuls. But lets face it - rice cereal is like eating torn up bits of cardboard. So he has been having pureed apple and pear the last few days. The more he eats the better he is - but not sure what he thinks of his mums cooking!!

I am trying not to take offence. I mean, pureed apple is pureed apple and can’t be tweaked for babies (IE add a bit of cinnamon perhaps!). Maybe he is a savoury kid and will prefer the pumpkin I prepare for him tomorrow!

I will persevere and hope he comes to love his mum’s food. I also forgot about all the 'stuff' that comes with solids. My dishes have multiplied now yet another boy in my house is eating semi-normal food!

Still, in a way I am quite proud as this is yet another milestone for my baby as he grows into a gorgeous little boy. Sigh!

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