Saturday, August 22, 2009

Only 125 days till Christmas!!!!!

Yes you have read the title correctly...this isn't a post from 2008.I have decided this year that I am going to be totally organised in the presents department for Christmas 2009.
5 years ago Before Kids (B.K.) I would have my Christmas shopping done by October. I would have scoped out some really cool stuff throughout the year and stockpiled till Christmas. Each year I usually find a new "thing" that I love and buy 4 of them so I have plenty to share around (and usually one for myself!) and would also have a few "Emergency Presents" for those unexpected circumstances. Actually I still do have Emergency Presents all through the year, but mostly kids presents. And I have done all the Christmas Toy shopping in the July Toy sales.
But the thing is that now I do have kids and life is a little bit more hectic I see things I like, think who I can buy them for, and then promptly forget and then 2 weeks before Christmas I am asking myself "now what was that cool thing I was going to get for ....". So today while I was food shopping I bought myself a small note book that I will now carry round for the sole purpose of noting good Christmas presents, where I saw them and who they would be good for.
I love finding things that are slightly different, or a twist on an old favourite. My favourite thing that I have found this year is this:

Isn't it gorgeous! Looks like a silver necklace with faux diamonds but it is in fact:

A 4GB USB Thumb Drive!!!!

They were advertised in a parenting magazine for $59.95 but I couldn't justify the amount so managed to find them on EBay and got them from Hong Kong for half that price!!! So now I have to be on the look out for something else that makes me say "ohhh I just gotta have one of those!!!"

What your favourite "thing" this year?


The Mumpowers said...

Oooh, that is way too cool! That is an awesome idea to carry around a notebook to jot down Christmas gift ideas. I really need to do that.

Carolyn said...

Great gift idea! I love that necklace and the idea of having a 'present book' is fab.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back here again for sure!

DustieBottoms said...

That is super cool! And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one getting a head start on the holidays.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Dear Lord, I don't even want to THINK about Christmas shopping yet. I'm a last minute shopper through and through (evident by the fact that I have yet to buy wedding gifts and forgot one bridal shower was this morning. Oh well.)

But at least you have time to hunt for good deals!

Eva Gallant said...

I could never be that organized! I'm impressed.

Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Sarah Brown said...

Too cool!! What a find!
Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Brown Paper Packages tied up with strings....
Stop by and check out a few of my favorite things!

Plus you can enter some great giveaways!=)

Amber said...

Stopping by from SITS! Great ideas, can't wait to try the notebook idea!


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