Monday, August 3, 2009

Masterchef & Sunburn

How cute is this? My friend in Sydney got this made for Grotbag (also known around here as Oliver - yes named after Jamie Oliver!) as she knows that he is a huge fan of Masterchef (who isn't?). He loves it and now we have to make Banana & Chocolate Muffins tomorrow for him to Christen it! My friend is also a big foodie and I am very jealous of the fact that she has been to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant in London and Matt Moran's restaurant Aria in Sydney and met both chefs and has lovely pictures to prove it.

The gift was also very apt as yesterday I went to the Perth Good Food & Wine show where I saw Gary Mehigan & George Calombaris, two of the judges from Masterchef Australia & Matt Moran "do" their shows cooking live on stage. I went with my mum and we had a fantastic time, quaffing wine and sampling yummy food - especially because I was sans children! Hmm no diet or counting points yesterday! I am going to try a few of the recipes out so will feature them in future blogs.

As today is Happy Monday and was a beautiful 21 degree Winter day I took Grotbag to the park to meet another friend of his and his mum. It was gorgeous sitting in the sun and I preened like a cat at the warmth. Glorious...until I got home and noticed the sunburn. Now, although I am originally from the East End of London, I have actually lived here in Perth for 24 years, since I was 12. You would think that I would know to put sunscreen on when out in the sun. Some lesson are hard taught.
But fear not, my children were armed with slip slop slap including Bugalugs who had to wear a toddler hat too big for him because I picked up the wrong one!! I just seemed to miss myself out!
So now tomorrow I will greet my Hubby at the airport with owl eyes and a bright red neck and arms that are only half red! He will just shake his head at me and I will give him a look that says "I know I know...24 years!!!"

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