Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The House That Jack Built.....

I have no idea where this saying comes from but I do feel sorry for Jack and all the crappy houses he has built!

My house is falling down.

Well that's a little bit dramatic. It's not literally falling down, more like coming a bit apart at the seams!

We live in a modest 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home that we bought 6 years ago just a few months before we were married. Before we acquired it, the house was an investment property and therefore had tenants. Tenants that did not look after the place very well. But the house was in a suburb we liked and was larger than the other more expensive houses we were looking at but needed a little TLC. How young and naive we were.

6 years later we have had a good stab at making it our own. We have completely ripped up the front and back gardens and replaced them, put in down lights, air conditioning, put up a wall in the playroom, painted a majority of the house, new flooring and window treatments. But it is still not finished and the parts that are not finished are REALLY getting me down.

This all happened yesterday...

The ceiling in my laundry has to be replaced because water has somehow got in and now my ceiling has mould. An insurance job, but it is the inconvenience that pees me off!


The towel rail in my bathroom just fell off.

The door handle to the playroom just came off in my hand.

Hubby replaced the tap in the kitchen incorrect so it swings the wrong way.

My tumble dryer is broke and will cost $200 to fix so am just going to get a new one next year as it's not worth fixing as the good weather is about to come in.

And that is just the start. There are a million other things but it will be too depressing to write them. And the kicker is me don't have the cash to do most of it at the moment.

I know that it does not sound like much, some of you may be doing major renovations and have whole pieces of your house missing. But it's all these little things that are making me want to scream, especially if they have been "fixed" and not "fixed" properly.

I just want my house how it looks in my minds eye. Is that too much to ask?


Diggestive said...

I thought everybody's life was like this mine is !!!!

The Grown-Up Child said...

I can so relate. My house isn't falling apart but it's so far from what I would like it to be. The money is part of it, but mostly my husband is just not that great at finishing projects. He loves to start them! But finishing is not as much fun and after he takes a break from it for a while, he finds something new to start. GRRR! I tell you, I'm going to learn how to put trim (that I've been waiting 6 years for!!) up myself!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Ugh. I feel your pain. It is never ending for us. We are stuck in this house because of the bad market. A family of 5 in a 1600 sq ft home and we feel squished! Our fuse box went BOOM! yesterday after trying to figure out what was wrong with our A/C so now we don't know if it is electrical or if our home is going to burn down! DH is going to look at it today but he is no electrician! I feel an onset of issues coming on and all I can do is stand back and pray!

I hope things get better for you and your home!


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