Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Of Those Days

As I am getting more into this blogging lark I am starting to plan my blogs in advance and draft a few lines for each topic so if I have had a few uneventful days I have backup. I am even sleeping with a notebook by the bed as I seem to have my best topic ideas just before I go to sleep - and then usually by morning they have flown away from my brain.

But today's planned blog will have to go on hold because this blog is a rant as I have had "one of those days!"

You know the kind where it starts out OK and gradually deteriorates until you feel your head just might explode.

It started fairly normally. The boys woke just after 7am and Grotbag didn't have school till 12.15am so there was no morning rush to get out the door. I went into Bugalug's who was smiling and then it sounded like he barked. Bugger! He has caught the cough that me and than Grotbag had the last couple of weeks. I thought he had escaped it because I had got it first and he didn't get it. I then got a little irritated as I realised that my futile attempts to keep Grotbag from coughing in Bugalug's face all last week indeed failed.

Mother 0 - Universe 1.

I checked behind the table to see if Jasper (Cocker Spaniel, 5 years old) had peed overnight in his favourite spot and smiled as I realised he hadn't.

Mother 1 - Universe 1.

Realised that I still haven't been able to find Grotbag's other Kindy T-shirt that has disappeared into thin air, and I hadn't washed the one from Tuesday. Pulled Tuesdays out the wash basket gave it a sniff and a shake - it was good to go!

M1 - U2

Bugalugs didn't want to have his morning nap so got NOTHING done apart from have a shower through screaming.

M1 - U3

Ended up feeding Bugalugs his bottle early to avoid the screaming that I just couldn't take today and he fell asleep on me meaning I still couldn't do anything.

M1 - U4

Took Grotbag to school and of course it was raining so we all got soaked.

M1 - U5

Got home and felt bad for the doggies (also have Chocolate Brown Labrador named Sye who is 5 years old - and my favourite!) so let them in to their inside beds. Had some lunch while and Bugalugs slept for an hour and a half. Bliss!

M2 - U5

Picked Grotbag up from school and promptly got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 20 minutes before having space to turn around and go the other way which was only marginally different.

M2 - U6

Took Grotbag to Tae Kwon Do where he cried all the way home because he didn't listen to me 3 times and I confiscated the Wii for the night. Then got home and put Grotbag in his PJ's so I wouldn't have to battle later. I had actually been organised and planned dinner earlier in the week so all I had to do is reheat only to put dinner on the table (where Grotbag was STILL crying) and realised that Jasper had peed under it when I had let him in earlier. GRRRRRRRRR

M2 - U7

Ate dinner with Bugalugs crying because he wanted his night time routine of bath, bottle & bed to begin NOW! Also had Grotbag sniffing beside me telling me my carrots were "disgusting".

M2 - U8

Finished dinner, reluctantly fed the dogs and got Bugalugs settled in for the night. I still haven't cleaned up the pee - just covered it with paper towel till I can face it. I still need to clean up after dinner, there is rice everywhere, make Bugalug's bottles for tomorrow and I can't see my counter top through all the crap that I have dumped on it. The dust bunnies are multiplying and Grotbag keeps wanting to make lots of noise RIGHT NEXT TO ME which is making me want to SCREAM VERY LOUDLY! I am changing my name to BOB as Muuummmm! is making my head spin. And to make matters worse Grotbag just came up to me and told me he loved me very much.

OK, I give up! Universe wins this round!!

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