Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sticking To My Guns & The Curse of The Wii

Can you tell I couldn't decide which title to go with?

Anyhoo....Today Bling and I went to our local Baby & Kids Market. Basically it comes around once every few months and the stalls are all second hand baby stuff, kids toys and clothes...there is always a bargain to be had!

I wasn't going to go because my parents are away and couldn't look after Grotbag and I would rather have the fleas of a thousand camels infest my armpits than take a 4 year old to a basketball court filled with second hand Fisher Price Toys!! But Bling's Hubby, who will join the cast and be known as Pirate, kindly offered to look after Grotbag....and could Grotbag bring Mario Kart with him! Hmmm, who is the biggest kid?

I was after a bath seat and Jolly Jumper for Bugalugs (and managed to score both at the Markets at rock bottom prices - yay for me!) so quickly agreed.

Grotbag loves playing the Wii, especially Mario Kart and for the most part will stop playing when I tell him to. I put a timer on as it is very easy for a couple of hours to go by and not realise he is still playing, so the timer keeps it in check. The same with the TV. Especially as he is nice and quiet and mummy can get on reading blogs and writing her own!!! .

However, today he just totally freaked out (The Curse of the Wii!!) when it was time to leave Pirates and had a complete meltdown. I get so disappointed when he act's up like that but can usually calm him down. Yeah, uh today he didn't get that memo!!! So put him in Time Out and then told him he could not play the Wii or watch any TV until his Dad (Hubby) comes home.

Then realised that was two days away! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I usually only take the Wii or TV away for 24 hours which is usually enough to curb the behaviour and have him apologise and appreciate it more.

But there it was, out in the open and I now have to stick to my guns through fear of being a walk over. And I won't go back on my word either! I've learnt my lesson the hard way with that one!

I have to admit though, since he has been home he has played with his Lego, Tech Decks, race cars and a game of Mouse Trap so he is more than capable of playing with his toys with out the background noise of the TV.

So the Curse of the Wii strikes again but I will be sticking to my guns until Tuesday when Hubby flies home. I may be sooo over Playdoh and Guess Who by then but at least he would have learnt a lesson. Won't he?

Have you ever regretted a consequence for your kids? And did you follow it through?


DustieBottoms said...

that picture! lol he's really ticked off at you. Being a mom of four, yes I've definately taken a priveledge away to later regret it. That's when I wish I could be the kid and accidentally "forget".

Good luck and have fun picking the playdough out of th carpet.

Patti said...

Haha - I feel your pain. I've done the same thing - stick to your guns!!

Stopping by from SITS....

Carolyn said...

I have so done this before, but my husband is worse for it. I try to keep a little checklist in my head:

recipe for tantrum defusing:
#1 - timeout
#2 - threaten taking priveledges
#3 - take tv priveledge away (decide for day or two)
#4 - take computer priveledge away (decide length again)
#5 - take various toys away
#6 - excuse myself so I can bang my head off the wall in another room ;)

My husband on the other hand will just pick any one of those out a hat. Our son will act up and suddenly I'll hear 'Okay, your tv privileges are gone for tonight and tomorrow!'

First I'll think, did he even give a timeout or a warning? Then I usually realize, hey, he's not even going to be home to enforce that tomorrow! I love being left to be the enforcer...NOT!

haha, great post. And I *love* the picture.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your support Ladies!! The picture was actually taken on my birthday - Grotbag wanted to blow MY candles out on the cake - classic pose of his though!

Carolyn - my Hubby works away for 2 weeks at a time and then home for one and usually dishes out the punishment just before he leave!! Doesn't do me any favours ha ha!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh that picture is classic, And funny you mention this since last night I was talking to my mom about how they can never follow through on punishments when it comes to my little brother. I mean he's 18 and all, but limits!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

If looks can kill! lol. I get a lot of that face from my daughter but yes, at the end of the day, our kids should know who the parent is! :)

Anti-Supermom said...

That picture is priceless...

at least bribery for when he is older.

Aren't you glad you blog for reasons just like that.



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