Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Amanda 1990

Dear Amanda 1990

As you sit at your Graduation there are so many things I want to tell you but there is so much that can really only be learnt by experience. You don't know what you want to do career wise now which is such a shame because you have talents that are yet to be realised and will be realised too late.

That said you will gain many many skills through working and will make life long friendships along the way which will be more important to you that a 'career' anyway!

Friends are the siblings you never had. Cherish them and nurture them but also realise when you have to let go. You will be lucky and the handful of best friends sitting around you now will be your best friends for life. One will even be the Godmother to your children. You will host your 10 year High School Reunion so you will see many of the people around you soon!

The boys will never change but would you want them too? I don't need to tell you that the boy you are seeing at the moment - you know in your heart of hearts is no good. You will find your Prince Charming, and by the time you do you will know that fairy tales are just that - stories. He will be funny, thoughtful, loving and generous and the father of your children. You just may have to wade through the swamp and kiss a few frogs in the meantime.

A major world event will change the people of the world forever and start a chain reaction in your life that you will ever pinpoint back to that day. Sad but with a silver lining.

Your parents have instilled you with good morals and values that you will take through your life and be respected for. You do have to watch your mouth though missy! It can sometimes say things you may later regret, but you wear your heart on your sleeve so what difference does it make me telling you this. Calm your anger.

You should exercise more and eat better.....some lessons are never learnt!!

Fate and the Universe will always be one step ahead of you. Be open to the bigger picture. Be grateful for all you have and never try and keep up with the Jones'! Read lots, love lots and be the person that people can rely on! Laugh often even when you want to cry.

And for the love of humanity - GO AND GET YOUR LICENCE ALREADY!!!!

Love, forever and always - You xoxo

This post was part of Group Blog Thursday over at Steph in The City.


Stephanie Faris said...

Great job. You're just a baby! I have a feeling these letters today are going to make me feel old, with everyone's graduation dates being later than mine!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love that!!

MaryRC said...

I thought I was reading Dear Mary! What a clever post. Love it! thanks for dropping by Shaking the Tree, and i must say... Badly Written? NOT

knitwit said...

Never trying to keep up with the Jones' is a great piece of advice. And laughing when I want to cry is something that really speaks to me right now! Thanks for a great post, and I will give this a try in a day or two and link back to you and the others who have done it already!

Debbie said...

How great. I love the idea of letters written to our younger selves. Especially the advice about guys!

Karen said...

I have been so impressed with everyone's letters today! Yours was really good!

Helen McGinn said...

I love this! How life has changed since those days. And the letting go bit is important; I had a best friend for 10 years and when I eventually let go for various reasons, it opened up my life to so many new people and experiences. I remember being so sad at the time but every cloud really does have a silver lining, doesn't it? x

Lani said...

I could have used this letter in about 1994:) But then again, I wouldn't have listened anyway:)Stopping by from sits!

I'm having a Blog For a Cure Blog Party next week at! Please stop by if you have a chance!

Diggestive said...

loved it thanks for a fantastic read

kyslp said...

I came over here from Steph in the City. I enjoyed reading your letter and playing along!

Mary-Jane said...

Dear MJ 1990,

Stop wagging every Monday of school.. and smoking behind the gas tank probably isn't very wise.

Love MJ 2009

Great post Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Great post.

I don't think I could attempt writing a letter like that, I've made so many stupid decisions since high school.

Mommynightowl said...

great post! and very well written!

Lacey said...

Great letter to past self. Fairy tales are stories. Stopping by from sits!

Chef Eureka said...

Stopping by from the Sits :) Nice to meet you :)

Sassy Chica said...

nicely written...

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sassy Chica


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