Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Quicky...

Never been before heres a little bit about me to get you started.

Just a quick one today as I have been nursing a hangover all day (will I EVER learn - Big thanks to Mum & Bling for coming and taking care of me and the kids) and have a 50th Birthday Party to go to tonight - and I am taking the kids since Hubby is not home!

Converstation I had with Grotbag last night while he was in the bath...

Grotbag: Where are you going tonight?
Me: Out with the Kindy Mums
Grotbag: Are you wearing that? (my NEW 3/4 trackies and matching top)
Me: Er no, why do you not think I should?
Grotbag: Mum! You can't wear your old clothes to go out.
Me: Their not old...
Grotbag: But they are your indoor clothes (??)
Me: Oh, so what should I wear
Grotbag: Something to make you look like a Beautiful Lady (said like David Walliams from Little Britain which is disturbing as I don't think he has ever watched it)
Me: Like what?
Grotbag: How about your red shoes (he had seen me trying them on earlier with an outfit)
Me: OK then, just for you I will wear my red shoes
Grotbag: smiles and is very pleased with himself for picking my shoes!!

It's the little things!

Love the little guy!! This is why I like to blog as this may have come and gone and been forgotten in a week!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!


Karen said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Love red shoes! Glad you went with them.

The Grown-Up Child said...

I love those crazy little conversations we have with our kids. They're great.


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