Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prince Harry

So this is a blog and why my mum is on the computer so much!

Hi there. My Name is Harry (AKA on Mum's blog as Bugalugs). Today my Mum is pretty excited because I am 7 months old. That's me in the picture above. I'm a pretty happy kid and love to smile for the camera. Mum says it's so easy to take a cute picture of me because I smile so much.

At 7 months I am not quite rolling over yet. But Mum takes me to physio every 3 weeks so I can do some training. Lot's of tummy time which I don't mind sometimes but I get tired pretty quickly and then have scream a bit for Mum to turn me over. Works every time :-). Sleeping is one of my favourite things. Mum seems to like this very much and by 6.30pm I am soooo ready for my cot. I am so sleepy that I don't wake till 6.30am. Mum thinks this is the best thing ever. Something about sleep deprivation?

I am loving the veggies Mum has been giving me. But my favourite time of the day is bath time. If I am lucky my big brother will hop in the bath with me and we have so much fun. He loves to make me laugh by pouring water over his head and making silly noises. I also love making very loud noises at the moment. The sound of my own voice is great. I like the word "bah" a lot so will have to work on my vocabulary if I am to get a word in around here!

Even though today is 7 months since I was born I wasn't supposed to arrive till 5 weeks later! I am what they call a Prem Baby. You see while I was in my Mum's tummy all snug and warm, she was feeding me some really good stuff. Like cakes, chocolates, and pretty much anything she wanted. But then some silly nurse told her she had Gestational Diabetes so all I got from then on was lots of whole grains and not a scrap of chocolate. After a couple of weeks I had had enough so decided it was time to get out!

This was much to my Mum and Dad's surprise. You see Dad was still working away and couldn't fly back in time. When Mum called Dad to say "Guess What? my water just broke" the first thing Dad said was "I told you you should have packed your bag!!!!". He got a flight the next day and I met him that night. I love my Dad! And he picked my name!

Poor Mum had just had a lovely day at her baby shower with Auntie Bling when I decided to "burst the dam"! I didn't know it was 11pm at night did I? Mum had to call Grandma and Grandad and Auntie Bling and Uncle Pirate to come over as my big brother Grotbag was in bed. Bling and Grandma were running around all over the house because Mum had left packing her bag thinking she had plenty of time. Bling then drove Mum and Grandma to the hospital.

The lady, Dr M who pulled me out of Mummy's tummy is lovely and Mummy always says how special she is. She also pulled Grotbag out of Mummy's tummy too. Dr M apparently also put me in Mummy's tummy when I was just a couple of cells. I wasn't on my own though, I had another cluster of cells with me but they decided not to hang around and left me to have the cosy little nest all to myself. I caused Mum a bit of sickness most mornings and gave her a few scares. She was very worried about these scares as she had lost a two lots of cells like me in the first 8 weeks previously but Dr M always let her come in and have a scan to make sure I was OK. The scares weren't my fault though, there was a little thing called a hemorrhage near where I was that would bleed if Mummy did things that raised her heartbeat too much. Dad was none to pleased about the "no doing things to raise your heartbeat" rule that Dr M imposed (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Still, I arrived a little yellow but apart from that safe and sound. Mum calls me her little miracle Prince Harry that she thought she would never have. Mum said she knew I would be OK because the day that Dr M put me in her tummy it was her birthday - she says it was a sign.

All in all I love being in this house with this family. My Dad sees me every 3 weeks and spends LOADS of time with me and I LOVE playing with him and hearing him say silly sounds. When he is home he baths and feeds me to give my Mum a break.

Anyway, I think Mum is on her way back so I better get off the computer. Nice to meet you all, I hope you pop back to read my Mum's blog. She loves it when people read what she has written, makes comments and follow her. It makes her happy, and I don't really mind her typing on the computer. She usually does it when I am in bed anyway!

See ya..
Harry xoxo


Stephanie Faris said...

How sweet!!! There's nothing like a miracle baby...such a blessing.

Helen McGinn said...

Aw, welcome to the blog world Prince Harry II. Your a lucky boy to have such a mummy and daddy. No staying awake and puking over them now, y'hear? G'night wee laddie. x


that was A-DOR-ABLE. have i told how weird it is to read someone who writes the same way my husband talks. ex. cot for crib. wonderful.

helenpope said...

Good job Harry That is so very cool. Loved it. One of my friends who is having twins rang and asked if I knew anyone a J Hospital so she is going to see Dr M as well.

Aunt Julie said...

Prince Harry is a cutie patootie! Close to you in the SITS Roll Call this morning. Come by to see me!

Jennifer said...

What a cute baby! Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

parentingBYdummies said...

What a cutie! Stopped by from SITS to say hello.

Bridgette said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Dropping in from SITS. Have a great day!!!

S.E. Sward said...

What a handsome boy! Just stopping by from SITS to say hello.

Drahdrah said...

Nice to meet you Harry, please let your mom know that I am visiting from SITS, and think you're a cutie pie !!!


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