Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Final Quarter

Never been before here's a little bit about me to get you started

Depending on where you are in the world you might be thinking by the title of this blog that it is about the upcoming AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final. Maybe you are thinking that I only have one coin left in my purse or that I am going to talk about fractions (?).

Actually this post is about the final 3 months of the Calendar year. Yes I know it's only September but I am getting a little bit excited. To me this is the best part of the year namely because Spring has definitely sprung by October here in WA which is my favourite season. The calendar starts to get full of events and social gatherings so every weekend there is something on!

The most obvious event in the final quarter is of course Christmas (only 110 days to go!). I have already started to get organized for Christmas this year as per this post I did a couple of weeks ago. In fact, the whole family has been organized and rather than have one of the family host Christmas Lunch, in July we booked to have Christmas lunch at a resort close by so that none of us have any cleaning up to do - woo hoo!

I also can’t wait for our October holiday in Busselton – This is becoming a bit of an annual event, well we did it the same time last year and are going the same time this year. We stay at my parents holiday home The Great Escape and just chill out for a week. Grotbag loves it and this will be Bugalugs first family mini break! However we struggled last year fitting all our “stuff” in the car WITHOUT Bugalugs as he was safely ensconced in my belly so who knows how we are going to fit everything in the car. But really I can’t wait!

Spring in the Valley is also held in October and for as long as I can remember my girlfriends and I have got a bus load together and headed out for the day. It’s an Annual festival held in the Swan Valley, a great day out with friends and for the first time in a few year I won’t be pregnant/trying to get pregnant!!

I also get a bit excited about Melbourne Cup day – Grotbag will be at school and us Kindy Mums are going to get together for lunch…should be interesting after the night out we had the other night!!

December by far is the busiest Month in the final quarter. Already we have lunches & dinners planned with friends and Hubby and I are going to the Green Day concert at the beginning of December. I am more excited for Hubby as he was desperate to go and so I was stoked when I got tickets for us both. Hubby will also be home for THE WHOLE MONTH of December which will be fantastic. He turns 40 at the beginning of January and so most of the final quarter will be spent organizing his birthday party.

But I am REALLY excited about the 5 day get away to Melbourne I am doing with 3 of my closest BFF’s. NO KIDS just us gals hanging out, shopping and being something other than wife/girlfriend/mum/boss. We are also going to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant - I am a HUGE fan – and meeting up with a heap of friends who have since moved to Melbourne. We hope to squeeze in a show too and LOTS AND LOTS of shopping. Did I mention the shopping?

So the final quarter is looking eventful and exciting with plenty of blog fodder and probably (knowing my life) lots of drama’s – especially with Hubby’s party preparations. But this is what makes it all the more exciting!

So....Stay Tuned!!!


Stephanie Faris said...

Ugh. Christmas. Don't remind me!

The Grown-Up Child said...

Oh, I love this time of year too! Our fall weather is fab and there is so much to do. But I have to admit that I'm completely jealous of your girly get away! I can't wait to take one myself! If I could only get my daughter weaned....New York, here I come!

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Hi, I stopping by from SITS, to show some comment love!

I love the 'last quarter' of the year the best as well but in the U.S. it is fall here, not spring. I like fall best out of all the seasons and I absolutely LOVE Christmastime!! I have a few presents bought already but that is about it. We always spend the day at my parents house so there is not a lot of planning to do. We always put our tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving but I've been thinking about putting it up earlier this year. When do you put yours up?

Well, I'm really glad I found your blog. I am now 'following' you and would be honored if you'd follow me, too.

I hope the rest of your weekend is absolutely wonderful.

Have a wonderful day!


Teresa <><

Joy said...

Enjoy your getaway! How exciting! Stopping by from SITS roll call!

Marie-Jolie said...

Saying hello! I'm visiting from SITS. Don't know if you're a knitter, but I'd love for you to swing by and visit me at

By the way, I think it's wonderful that you are having a girl's getaway, and how lovely to go visit Jamie Oliver's restaurant! I love him! (Well, not that I actually know him, but I love what I've seen on television!) Lucky you. Maybe you'll get to catch a glimpse of him! :)



Bridgette said...

Wow, I had no idea Christmas was that close!

Dropping in from SITS to say hi. Have a wonderful week!!!

Helen McGinn said...

It sounds like a wonderful time! Stopped by from SITS, it's nice to meet you! x

Melissa B. said...

Funny...getting ready for Christmas and Spring at the same time. I guess that's why you're Down Under? SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!


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