Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Job

I am joining in on Group Blog Thursday over at Steph In The City and this week it is all about your first job.

1987 I got my first job while I was at school. I was 14 and it was at the local shopping centre at a well known shoe shop (SS).

The day I applied for the job I was shopping with my mum and she asked if I had thought about getting a job. I said I hadn't but"" The first shop we passed was SS so my Mum said "What about in there"


So I walked up to the desk and just came straight out and said " you have any casual jobs going?"

AMAZINGLY, they said they did and and took my name and number but they never called. So the next week my Mum made me call them and I got and interview and was offered the job on the spot!! I was the stores youngest employee.

I worked Thursday nights and Saturdays and my first weeks pay was exactly $30 that came in a little brown envelope.

I had to give it straight to my Mum as I had asked her to lend me the money to buy a new top before I got paid!!

I worked there all through school till I was 17. I really enjoyed it, the boss was nice and the staff were really great even though I was the youngest. The money was better than the fast food joints and the department stores plus I got 33% off all full prices shoes and 10% off sale items. I had soooo many shoes!! I got trained up as a Clarks Fitting Specialist and would fit all the kids shoes which was so much fun!

I wanted to work there Full Time but the boss knew I was going to take off travelling in a year so wouldn't let me. I found a full time job in a novelty shop in the city and because I as only casual I just called the SS and told them I wouldn't be back!

It's a shame because I learnt so much there about being in the workforce, hard work and respect for other employees and the boss. It was a great job platform.

Only bad thing was peoples smelly, dirty feet that had toe jam....blluuuggghhhh!

What was your first job?


Stephanie Faris said...

Thanks for participating!

I worked at Payless in college...but we didn't really have to help people try on shoes. The thing about Payless is, they're weird about their shoes. Everything has to be color coordinated, so say you buy a black high heel. But I only have white canvas tennis shoes from stock to fill in the hole your purchase created. So I have to shift all the shoes around until I create a hole where the white canvas shoe can go. Seriously. Sometimes I'd spend hours moving shoes around, only to have to come out and move more shoes around to fill new holes.


OMG - Steph, ME TOO! i worked at payless for like 4 months and on black friday i had my sister call in for me, pretend she was me, and tell them i quit. she was like 15 at the time. oh, i was so retarded.

Aunt Julie said...

Babysitting, of course, for my high school math teacher's two daughters. Back then, I made a whopping 50 cents an hour! For that, I took the kids to the park (we walked), made dinner, did dishes, gave them baths, and picked up the house. Those girls are married now, with their own kids. Wow! 50 cents an hour. So now, you know how OLD I am.

Sassy Chica said...

eww, stinky feet, I would have quit!

my first job was at an icecream shop, it was nothing glamorous. It kinda sucked seeing that I was a newbie(only 15years old) and was forced to learn how to count out the cashdrawer and close shop alone! I worked some evenings and weekends. The best part of this job was it was at the mall, so my friends would come and visit and I think this is when I became fond of shopping!

Sassy Chica

LMJ said...

Oh yeah, the smelly, huh? It sounds like you had a good first job. wow! 33% discount! I only got 20% when working retail.

I worked in a department store myself, but got placed in the fine china and wedding registry area. I loved it. I learned so much about that stuff.

The Grown-Up Child said...

My first job was field work. I was a corn detasseler. I then was the salad bar girl at a restaurant. My next job reminds me of yours - I worked in a mall at a tuxedo rental place. You want to talk about gross? Those things came back disgusting!!

Karen said...

Eeew! Toe jam! Gross!

Sounds like a great experience, though. Bet you're glad your mom made you apply! There are so many things I used to curse my mom for, and now I just can't thank her enough.

Alicia2121 said...

The stinky feet would have been hard to deal with. :)


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